Skills for a better life.

Our belief is that there is nothing wrong with your core self and a key part of counselling is learning to value and validate yourself. At the same time we work with you to challenge and manage problematic thoughts feelings and behaviors that prevent you from being your best self.


You learn the skills to help yourself independently manage life’s curveballs, resulting in a better life.


No matter who you are, your culture or your life choices, we welcome you at Validity Counselling.

Validity Counselling offers different methods of therapy, specializing in Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). These are evidence-based treatments that result in a more content, confident and peaceful you.


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Master educated counsellors

Jenny DeReis

Owner and MC Psych, RCC

We believe that education and the use of evidence-based counselling are extremely important for clients' success. Being highly trained and specialized at a Master's level, our counsellors are well-equipped to help you in the most productive ways possible.


Our counsellors can help you navigate difficult emotions, relationships, and events and teach you skills for leading a more balanced and fulfilled life. ​


With a wide range of counsellors to select from, we are able to offer different types of therapy to suit your individual need. 

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