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Reflections on the New Year

2021 was a challenging year, with many of us feeling the effects of Covid isolation, combined with the unusually cold weather this winter. As we consider the new year, we can feel some hope from the fact that spring is just around the corner, and hopefully we will turn a corner with Covid this year as well.

The new year can mean new opportunities and new starts. It can be a time for reflecting on the year that has passed, and contemplating the future.

Without putting pressure on ourselves, and with acceptance for who and where we are in this moment, we can also ponder what a "better life" might look like...

Perhaps it involves reshaping negative patterns of thoughts and behaviours that are holding us back. Perhaps it is practicing mindfulness and gratitude, or gaining the confidence and courage to face a fear or pursue a goal. Perhaps it is something else...

At Validity, we are proud to offer highly-skilled counsellors with a variety of specialties and expertise to help you reach your goals. You can visit the Counsellors page on our website to view our counsellors' bios and find the right counsellor for you.

The Journey Ahead...

Life has its ups and down, and many of us have had more downs than ups these last few years.

At Validity, we believe that you have the innate ability to face any challenge life brings your way. A key part of counselling, therefore, is learning to value and validate yourself, so you can find and follow your inner wisdom.

Another part of counselling is learning to identify, question, manage, and reframe negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are holding you back and keeping you from being your best self.

Once you have these skills, you are able to manage difficult feelings and circumstances with greater ease. We are honoured to help you on this journey.

Here's to building a better year in 2022!

Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, ‘it will be happier'. ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

To learn more, please visit Validity Counselling's homepage.

Author: Teresa DeReis

Teresa is Co-Owner and therapist at Validity Counselling in Prince George, BC. She has a BSc. in Psychology from UNBC and is currently completing a Master of Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University. Teresa works with children and teens and has completed specialized training through the Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI) on play therapy, DBT skills for youth, self-injury, anxiety, and resilience.


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