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Children's Counselling

Just like adults, children can experience anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma. Children often haven’t had the chance yet to develop effective coping strategies to deal with life’s challenges. Their awareness of self, and their insight into themselves and others, is not yet fully developed. Children simply react to what is happening around them in the only ways they know-how. Their behaviour may be challenging and difficult for a parent to understand or to know how to correct. 

If your child is struggling, they may benefit from a counsellor specializing in child behaviour. For children and youth aged 6-18, a counsellor can work directly with the child to develop skills and strategies to address their issues. For children younger than 6, a counsellor will assess the child and then work directly with the parents, providing skills and strategies to help their child navigate their issues and/or problem behaviours. 


To find counsellors who specialize in working with children, please visit our Counsellors page.

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